Boulder Bluff Victoria

Boulder Bluff Victoria

DOB: April 30, 2006

D Jay’s Sir El Gus Grandview Sir El Capitan Armageddon’s Lord Elijah
Maitland River June
Stuart’s Sensational Honey ETF Sensational Gunsmoke
Sharon Of Triad
Cranbrook’s Miss Ginger Ayton Black Prince Ayton Royal Ideal
Stainsby Girl
Cranbrook’s Ladybird Greendykes Truffles
Lilly’s Allie

Victoria is broke to drive single and double.
She has a good disposition and is easy to work with.

Boulder Bluff Victoria Boulder Bludd Victoria

Boulder Bluff Victoria

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Blaine, Trinda, Charity & Britney Martin
Box 388
Strathclair, Manitoba, Canada
Phone: (204) 365-5279


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